Betty Pagina de Betty Arellanos

Gracias a TodosTo GOD, for giving me the opportunity of doing this and giving me the strength to complete all my trainings and overcome all obstacles that life sets to me.

To my Mom, for giving me all her support, all her nagging that came out at last the very best and for giving me all those healthy meals, the protein, the vegetables and everything else you can imagine, and for all the advises that sometimes I thought “this has nothing to do about what I’m saying, what is she talking about?” the end I understand and everything was worth it...THANK YOU MOM. :o)

To my Dad, mainly for making a huge effort when I swam from Cancun to Isla Mujeres when he did that channel in Kayak just to be close to me. Thank you for all your inconditional support and for all those massages you gave me after a long training. Also for all the advises that really worked very well, ha ha ha, and of course to be always, always by my side daddy.  :o)

To Grandpa Sergio, for letting me use his boat sometimes and for making the rute of the swim and that with all his years of sealife experience we can know for sure the way the sea currents move and in this way I wont detour my swim.

To my uncle Sergito, for your support giving your boat for trainings and the main swim and all the advises you gave me and I’m sure I’ll use them for my life and I know I can count on him on anything.

To all my aunts, for always be there for me and I know I can count on them forever, thank you for cheer me up in the good times and the bad.

To grandma Lolita, for giving me my lovely mom who takes care of me and thanks to her I’ll achive my goal now and always, also garndma for being there cheering me up and take care of me when I was younger.

To grandma Martha, for giving me a dad who gave me discipline and thank you also for give me so many advises and always be there for me.

To Sabina, my coach, for suppoort me and guide me on all my trainings and that I can grow more and more on swiming discipline.

To all my family and friends who are plenty and I dont want to miss anybody, here I thank you all the support, cheers, advises, sponsorships, laughs, parties, journeys and overall your love that I know is unconditional...... thank you very much!