Betty Pagina de Betty Arellanos

Betty ArellanosI was born in Cozumel, Mexico October 15th 1995, my name is Beatriz Arellanos Sandoval, my parenta are Ricardo Arellanos and Beatriz Sandoval. All my life I have been swiming and now is part of me.
I like to lesten music, go out with my friend and have fun. I also like dancing, I think I carry that inside my blood, as mostly of my family from my father side had participated in Mardi gras and festivals, then I think how not to have a small sparkle of a dancer in me?

Since I have conscious my mom always put me in the water, swiming pool or ocean. Along my life I have participated in many things: swim copetitions, dancing in carnivals, festivals at my school but I think the very best I had enjoyed is to reach the medal at a National swim competition. I recall the excitement I felt when I finish my favorite swim, breast stroke 200 mts, knowing I had the time to beat.
Like my family I felt all trainings were worth it, and there were still more to come and I was proud of my self. Times go by and I grow alot in swiming, since I was little I heard a lot of the achievements of my mom, and one in particular catched my attention...swim the Cozumel channel. I was sure about what I wanted, that was to swim the Cozumel channel and break my mom’s record set back in 1985, a time of 10 hours and 55 minutes, the total distance is 45 Km, about 28 miles in an open sea and in the big blue.
Everyday I was closer to the date and Sabina, my coach, and my m,om started to give me a special training to achieve that goal.
I started to participate on open sea competitions. The first one was in Puerto Morelos, “the reef route”, a distance of 2.5 Km, I got in 3rd place. At that timne I met Imelda Martinez, she is who went to the Olimpic Games in Beijin on the open water swim competition, and she become a great friend of mine.
Next year I came back to do now a 5 Km swim and I got in 2nd place. Next open water competition was to swim from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, a distance of 10 Km and getting there in 3rd place on a 14-17 years category, we needed to ask for a special permit to me participate on this as I was too young.
That was my first channel cross completely alone even that my dad was close to me in Kayak but I had a faster speed and I left him behind. So I focused and everythime I took a breath I saw the island and I was thinking, “still too far”, but at the end I made it in a record time of 2 hours and 19 minutes. Happy for what I did, I tought the swim from Akumal to Cozumel will be a piece of cake.
My training were increasing in time and distance, during this time I had the opportunity to join a group of women who swam from Cozumel to Cancun on relays in behalf of breast cancer, along this ladies swimmenrs was Nora Toledano, who swam the channel from France to England, this was quite an experience to me and I thank them all, that was the first time I faced the Cozumel channel.
Everything I have done was worth it, all the sacrifises, efforts, wake up at 4:00am to go swim of jog and all the special healthy food programs was very helpfull along time and I thank my parents and all my family for your support.
Sometimes people ask me how I do to commit with school and trainings, I go to school to Instituto Cumbres Cozumel, and this school is not easy, even that is hard I alway get good grades. Sometimes I have to stay awake very late at night studying for an exam and wake up at 5:00 am to go training, and I had to go from the swiming pool directly to the car and change there as we didnt have time to even shower, I had to set my snickers and have breakfast in the car, and arrive to school with my hair all wet. I strongly believe that even for all I been trough it was all worth it and now I think that all those things that happened to me will make me to swim faster and more confident about my self and I will do the swim without any problems.

I want to thank once again to my coach sabina, my parents and friends and family who are involved directly or indirectly in my sport development.