Betty Pagina de Betty Arellanos

Betty y Sabina


I’m doing this to show the Cozumel youth that if you want something and want to achieve it, you can make it.

I’m doing it to show to any person who wants to do something in his/her life have to set goals and even with the obstacles that life sets you you must fight for your goals.

I also doing this because I like swiming very much and is an activity I made since I was very young, and has help to stay healty and I think Mexico has forgotten that, wich is very important in our lives, Plus to that I think if everything was easy everybody will do it.

Talking personal and sport way my goal is to break my mom’s record set back in 1985 of 10 hours and 55 minutes, I’m sure, very sure I will break it.

I invite everybody to join my challenge, to set goals in your life and fight for them!!!